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FRX-1 Repeater delivers dramatically-improved communications

Fern Communications Ltd, a leading provider of two-way radio communications systems, announced that its FRX-1 Portable Radio Repeater dramatically enhanced radio communications for personnel responsible for carrying out inspections in underground sewage and water systems in Romania.

Reliable Power and Signal Connections to Portable Instruments in Hazardous Areas

Ensuring reliable power and signal connections to portable instruments is a challenge for manufacturers, especially where dampness and explosive gasses may be present. Fern Communications has overcome this on their FRX1 radio signal repeater with the use of InstrumEx connectors from Hawke International.

Rescue workers in Taiwan welcome UK radio communications equipment

With reports emerging of emergency responders’ radios failing to work in the London Underground during the July 7, 2005 London bombings, London’s emergency services will welcome the news that radio communications technology that prevents communications from breaking down in underground tunnels and concrete bunkers has been developed by a Suffolk company.

Radio Repeater dramatically increases emergency radio coverage

    Every rescue worker is acutely aware of how critical it is to maintain radio communications with co-workers whether fighting a fire or responding to an emergency. Breakdown in communications can mean the difference between life and death.

    Fern Communications Ltd provides two-way radio communications systems to the international emergency services and upstream oil and gas industries. During the past four years the company’s FRX-1 and FRW-1 Portable Radio Repeaters have dramatically improved radio communications in subsea corridors, mountain road tunnels, high rise buildings, power plants, oil platforms and refineries.

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